Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apology from blog reader to me

Shalom Michal,

I received an email today from a reader of Daas Torah. He took me to task for 'savagely' tearing into you in the comments on the blog.

I know I have strongly disagreed with you. I even know that I have chastised you for some over-the-top statements and tone. I continue to disapprove of much of how you present your case; and disagree with some of the perception of the issues. For all that, I in no way meant or mean to demean you; and certainly I do not mean to 'savagely' tear into you. The sin is grave enough when done to any human being; and gravely compounded, as you know, when done to a convert.

Please accept my apology if I have embarrassed you or mistreated you privately or publicly. What's more, since the sin was done in public, I would appreciate it greatly if you would help me and post this on your blog. I will ask to do the same on Daas Torah, or at least in the comments there.


mordechai scher


  1. He sounds sincere, although I have no idea why he keeps placing 'savagely' in quotes...

    If apologies were a dime a dozen, I'd have long-ago starved to death!

  2. My interpretation was that he puts it in quotes to clarify that the word was not how he would have described his communications with Michal but rather that this other blog reader had used the term. And, to highlight that the other blog reader describing it with such a word is perhaps the reason he re-evaluated his actions and chose to make an apology. JMHO

  3. People who admit to be wrong, even partially, are few and far between. Even when others point out our flaws, the natural reaction is usually to rationalize.

    Hopefully, he will grow from this, as well - and focus on being respectful, even when disagreeing.