Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pizza Palace Cafe (VHQ):

I just posted  the menu for a newish kosher pizza/dairy place in the area. Pizza Palace Cafe. They are located in Forest Hills. They are under the Vaad of Queens. They have a really great selection. They speak English. My friend who lives in Sunnyside, Queens (a start up community near Manhattan) says they even deliver to her. Although, there's a delivery minumum. I'm not sure what it is. I do know that an egg platter was not enough for delivery on Wednesday when I was snowed in, so I ordered dinner, too. Anyhow, kosher restaurants have a revolving door thing in Queens and since they have eggs and no one else (Kosher and in Queens) does which I just so happen to like to eat but, hate to cook, I want them to last.

So that's... Pizza Palace (VHQ) 63-60 108th 718 997 7492

They are Cholav Yis and Kemach. Sushi, pizza and Bagels.

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  1. "They even speak English."

    And Russian, Hebrew, Bukhori, as well. you got a problem? how many languages do you speak?