Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bright eyed, bushy tailed happy-go-lucky twenty (& 30) somethings....

I just had a comment on my post about how some of the Jews at my school act. I mentioned how these two girls come in to class just as it's starting, take desks from the other parts of the room and put them in front of the front of the room so that they are sitting in front without regard to the fact that they are acting as if they are somehow special and blocking people who came early to make sure they were sitting in front.

Someone left a comment on it that I will never get a shidduch this and that...

I've noticed a trend amongst people with supportive friends and families that don't seem to have real struggles in life that they tend to look down on and judge others who've had it hard.

I recently got an Email from a blogger in his 20's telling me about a singles event to go to. When I stated that I can't go because it's in the middle of finals week and I don't see the point in going to an even for age bracket up to 38, I got a snotty 20-something kinda response. The event was at the YI of Staten Island. Shabbos ends at 8:30-9pm nowadays and when you go away, that means you're not leaving until 10pm. So, at 10pm, I take a bus to the ferry, then I wait for the ferry, take a half hour ferry ride followed by an hour and a half, maybe two hours on the subway. I would get home at 1am, if I were lucky, then I have to leave the house again at 6:30. Of course, I have to go to bed and get up again, so we're talking about 3 hours sleep, for what? So, I can meet a bunch of guys who aren't going to want me because I'm not a 21 year old or whatever.

The interesting thing is that if a 56 year old says much of the same that I say, they are speaking GROUNDED. However, when I say it.. I'm negative. Maybe you should just realize that I've lived a little more than some pampered 20-something, or even a pampered something my own age, as one of the judgemental ones was only a couple years younger than me told me I haven't found someone because I'm not a quiet nicey nice like she is. That's not possible since I don't even go on dates. Guys generally say no just because a) I'm not young enough  or b) I'm a gyoress.

Either way, right now, what I care about is school and my grades.


  1. Life isn't easy for a lot of us, but we don't all walk around with big chips on our shoulders.

  2. >"Life isn't easy for a lot of us, but we don't all walk around with big chips on our shoulders."

    No need to be a jerk about your obvious superiority...