Monday, April 26, 2010

Jews can do the crime but, not the time....

I am ever increasingly SICK and TIRED of people Emailing me and FB inviting me to rally behind Jewish CRIMINALS, like Rubaskin. Someone, I can't figure out who, set me up with an invite on Facebook to a prayer service for him.


—RAMBAM ‘ הלכות מתנות לעניים פרק ח‘ הלכה י"
Are these people for real? Yep, the goyim did it. It's all the goyim's fault. Do you sense my sarcasm? There are far too many Jews who somehow think that they are priviledged to be above the rest of the population. The Torah commands us to be preists among the nations. Jews have forgotten this. Yes, I said "Jews" not "we"... Remember? I'm not a REAL Jew, as I'm often reminded.


  1. Anyone who is saying that Rubashkin should be acquitted is delusional, but to say that the sentence suggested to the court by the prosecution is a bit extreme is legitimate. Others who have done much worse than he has done get less time than he is facing. This is not to say that he shouldn't pay for his crimes, nor that what he did wasn't so bad, but to give him a sentence that is fitting, when comparing his crime to the crimes of others with smaller fines and/or sentences. We have laws in the USA regarding sentencing someone beyond the requirements of the crime that they committed. Whenever the courts act in a certain way, giving people certain sentences, it sets the standards for sentencing. To move beyond these standards, then, would bemoving beyond the standards set for the punishment for his crime.

    Your blog is reading more and more like Mein Kampf every day.

  2. Michal, I agreed with you up until a short while ago when I read the charges and developed more of an educated opinion (not inferring that yours is not educated as your entitled to your own).

    I believe that Rubaskin should face the justice system like any other US citizen. He has committed a crime for which he should be punished, especially when it is commanded as such by the Torah to respect the laws of the land where possible.

    In this instance however it appears the time will not fit the crime, though unlike one video link I read, I disagree that what his crime is is "victimless".

    I'll meet you 50/50 on this.

  3. Hmmmmm..... I basically agree with you. I think the case against Rubashkin has some fishy elements, but as to the main issue: total misunderstanding of pidyon shvuyim and credulous support of convicts....IMO you're right on target.

  4. If the prosecuters are suggesting something too harsh, then it is the job of Rubashkin's LAWYER, not the Jewish public to deal with it. I can only imagine what these politicians think of the Jews for the flooding of phone calls and letters on behalf of any Jew who needs to be convicted of anything. It only makes Jews look like they don't know how to mind their own business.

    This is not the fight for the public. This is for the lawyers and the judges to deal with in a courtroom. Furthermore, sometimes things just fall out unfair. That's life. In my recent post talking about life and the public being unfair to me, you all weren't so sympathetic to me as you are to all the Jews in the news. Is this because I'm "not a real Jew"? I mean, someone sent me a message that I should swallow a bleach-ammonia cocktail and curl up and die.

    Another thing.... no one is putting a gun to your head and making you read my blog. I think the guilt hits home. That's what I think.