Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Media, old media

One of the classes that I'm taking is called, "New Media & Business." We talk about various forms of new media and one thing that's constantly being brought up is how fast technology changes and how quickly we adapt to the new technology. Well, I originally started college in 1994, so I ocasionally think about how different my college experience is now from when I was in college before.

Well, a perfect example came up yesterday....

As you can see by this photo, one of my classes was cancelled. Furthermore, he has two sections, ours and the one after ours. Well, remember that girl that I originally didn't like but now we study together? If not, just click here. Anyhow, she's in the 3:40 version of this class and I'm in the 2:15. So, I took this picture with my cell and sent her a text message of the picture.

When I was in college before, cell phones did exist but, I didn't know any students who had one. They most certainly didn't have cameras, not to mention, texting was not out yet. Technology is changing so fast. It's also weird to think about that. We've become so used to the commonplace nature of cell phones.We can't imagine the days before texting and cell cameras, even if we were around for those days.

Some other handy facets of technology that I didn't have available to me when I was in college the first time include: Email on the cell and Youtube. When I can't understand my prof, I try to find a Youtube video of a more lucid professor teaching the same subject. It's been quite helpful. I can watch some videos before I read from the book, thereby making the book much less intimidating.

What do you think?

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