Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I make Crack, should I sue Arm & Hammer?

Hahahah, made you open the link, didn't I? Well, can you believe that someone actually had the nerve to do this?

It's in my business law book. I'm reading along... boring... boring... yep, more boring stuff...  then I see someone sued Arm & Hammer and I wondered why. WOOOOOOOW! This guy, George Ward got locked up for distributing this combination. So, he decided to sue. Incidentally, he represented himself.. hmmmm.. don't they say that only a fool represents himself?

I never knew crack was BAKING SODA mixed with coke. It's odd that it should smell so bad. Baking soda is supposed to make things smell fresh... thinking back to 5th grade science... not when you burn it but crack is worse than just burning baking soda. For those who haven't been blessed with squalid poverty that lends itself to your relocation to such a place where you learn this. Crack smells like @$$ crack and burning garbage combined. It's quite a rancid smell.

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