Friday, April 30, 2010

Sometimes temps are criminals, don't employers know this?

I ran across a link to this article from a blog that I'm "following." (I don't always read my reading list and I only read what looking interesting from the title and snipet.

I'm nauseous at the way jobs have disappeared and they are being replaced by temp assignments. Then the companies don't understand why they don't get good output or ya know, they end up with ex-con murderer perverts supervising teen girls.

This takes me back to when I was working at a large national temp agency. I started on a Tuesday after labor day one year. On Friday, we had a little incident. Actually it was more of a big incident. I was living in Buffalo working with this Brooklyn Jewish girl, Skye, the daughter of Jewish hippies (thus such a name). This couple came in on Thursday looking for work. They said they just moved into the area.

The main office (we were just a satelite recruiting office) sent the guy to work the next day. So, on Friday I'm making calls to check employment of  applicants from that day and the day before. Well, I get to ABC temps in Pennsylvania and I'm speaking to a woman from there. The woman says to me, "are they right there in the office right now?" "no, they came in yesterday..." "Well, they're wanted. They escaped from a halfway house here in Pennsylvania." I was speechless and Skye was in the bathroom.

When my co-worker, sort of boss got out of the latrine, I told her what happened. She picked up the phone and called the main office to rely the story to them. Before we knew it, the FBI was in our office, "where are they?" Skye gave them to location where they were sent to work. The main office called the guy at work and told him his wife had an emergency and needed him at home. We heard later from the FBI guys that he stopped at a payphone to try to reach her by calling the hotel (known to be a crack hotel in the seedy part of Buffalo) where they were staying. They caught him. I don't remember what happened with her. I remember he was their main concern. Deported.... back to Pennsylvania...

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