Monday, April 26, 2010

Instructor Prickle…

I have this class… it’s not so easy for me, but to make matters much worse, the instructor is the biggest prickle. He gives no homework on Monday and he gives MOUNDS and MOUNDS and MOUNDS upon MOUNDS of homework on Wednesday. Then the homework is due on Monday. However, most of my spare time is on TUESDAY. I have been asking him every Monday since the semester began, if I could please have the assignments today instead of Wednesday. Last week, he agreed and said I could come get it in his office hours. However, on Wednesday, he changed the homework, despite the fact that I had started on it based on what he gave.

Today, I asked, as usual, if he could please give me the assignments for the week so I could start on them. So, he said he would give them to me if I went to his office. I had a class right after and I had to utilize the latrine. I got to his office and wouldn’t you know it, the JAP who always wears short skirts with no pantyhose was there. He helped her. I said, “I have a class.” She CLAIMED she did, too. This is the girl who talks all class and never brings her book, even though he explicitly told the class to bring our book to every class. He told me to come back at a later time, during which not only do I have a class with his office-mate but, as I’m typing this it dawned on me that he has a class. My project partner for another class is in that class, so I know this. I told him that I had a class, then. He said that was impossible. I said, “the professor is sitting right there.” I ran to the lou. My back pack strap snapped as I was rushing. When I came back, instructor Prickle and little miss short skirt JAP were gone. I was NOT gone that long AT ALL, three minutes?

Finally, another issue that I’ve been having with this instructor prickle is that he insists on touching me, you know like, tapping me on the shoulder.. arm… and such. This is yet another issue which has been supposedly resolved and yet it continues to crop up. Today, I was putting a problem on the board, and he touch my arm. This is getting pretty outrageous.

Finally... (for real this time....) the first day of class, he basically said that he expects us all to have friends who work on Wall street to do our homework and take home tests for us. However, when I try to ask such friends for help, they say they can't keep doing all this homework and stuff for me. Also, people keep asking, "don't you have free tutoring at your college?" or "Doesn't your instructor have 'help you hours?'" These things are limited and during my other classes.


  1. Michaltastik,

    I saw some of your postings on Daas Torah and I believe that you are a person of substance.

    I think it's below your level to use profanity in your postings.

    All the best.

  2. I just checked it again, I don't see what you are referring to as profanity....

  3. Oh, I discover that it also has such a meaning... However, I was thinking more like a cactus or choice #6 on this link:

  4. Thanks for the clarification.

    I also suffered from a speech teacher that caused me grief shortly before my graduation. Stick with it. you'll make it.