Friday, April 30, 2010

How does Michal find the time to blog?

Earlier this week, I caught up with a blogreader in the cafeteria at Brooklyn College. I was asked where I find the time to blog.

Much of what I blog are things that I have enough of a strong opinion about that the blogs just flow out of my fingers pretty nicely. Rarely do I edit or organize these impromtu posts. When I have no time for even that, or I don't have any opionions, I post pictures I already had on my computer... At one point I posted my drawings that I've drawn by hand. I've also posted pictures drawn in paint. These were drawn before I went back to college and they were sitting around on my old computer. However, that computer just bit the dust by way of virus and so, I've lost my tiny remaining reserve of "emergency blog posts", such as I started a series on my Army days which I didn't get very far on, so I wanted to finish it first. Now, I have to start over with that.

Another thing that a savvy blogreader might notice, is that many of my longer posts are actually papers I've turned in for school to one of my professors. For example, this rather weird diagram was something I turned in last semester for my favorite Brooklyn College professor of all time. Personally, I like my paper for Marketing that I turned in about the super bowl ads. If you pull up the label college, most of it is papers I've written. This accounts for a number of my posts.

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