Friday, April 30, 2010

Gilad Shalit is a real case of Pidyon Shevuyim.

There you go. Why aren't we doing more to rally behind Gilad Shalit who is a real innocent victim suffering. I was just reading this blog post and I saw this in the comments inspiring me to put up a post reflecting such an idea. Here is a link to support a REAL victim of Pidyon Shevuyim.

Another good comment from the post:

A Muppet

But the reason the sentence is out of line with the crime has nothing to do with the fact that the defendant is Jewish. The problem with the sentencing guidelines regarding how it calculates sentences for white color crimes is well known and applies regardless of the religion of the defendant. And really that's at least my problem here. The attitude that Pidyon Shvuyim justifies everything in this case has meant that it justifies what can at best be considered lies of omission about the facts of the case whenever it is reported to the Orthodox public. It's created a public that is both intensely certain about the facts of this case and objectively terribly misinformed. This does not help Sholom Rubashkin.
And people keep bringing up his family who suffers. Well, he had a responsibility towards them to not get himself put in jail and thus, uphold the law. This is his own fault.

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