Friday, April 23, 2010

Who does Michal study with?

I just noticed, it's quite interesting... my main study group's regulars are a muslim, an xtian and myself (a Jew). I like to kid that you say, "a Jew, a muslim and a Xtian walk into a room... and they study." I mean, seriously, doesn't it sound like the beginning line to a joke? Then for my other particularly hard class, I found this Nepali boy with whom to study. What a lifesaver, he is, too! In the homework due next Wednesday, there was this crazy hard problem with some more tricky algebra in it. I never would have gotten it. I would have been balling my eyes out and trying to call people who wouldn't have been available. Paper would have been ripped and thrown around the room in a fit of frustration. This math kills me. I haven't taken an actual math class since 1992. Although, I have done math since then. I took BET (basic electronics training) in the Army and I'm quite sure we had a lot of math in that. We had to make calculations related to Amps and volts and stuff like that. Incidentally, did you know that it's a short which has no resistance and an open which is entirely resistance. When people say, "maybe the wire shorted out..." usually they are talking about an open.

Ok, back to the point, so how come I don't study with other Jews... hmmmmmmmm... maybe because they won't study with me. I have two in my first class. They come in late, grab desks and move them so that they are in the front and they block other people's view, as if they are somehow more important than everyone else. What is it with Jews and their self importance.

As for the Hillel, I've been driven out by a secular Jew.

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