Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Rubashkin nonsense...

Another one of those attempts to rally everyone behind Rubashkin. This annoys me-really annoys me. I think that lay persons shouldn't act like they are lawyers. I'm not a lawyer but, Also, I think this video fails to uphold the critical thinking that Jews are supposed to have from all that Torah study.

For starters, UMMMMMMMMMMM, isn't the CEO of Toyota Japanese? Of course the US doesn't have jurisdiction to do any more to him than fine him. The only reason we can do that is because he does business here. Furthermore, talking about his wife and children being without him... well, he's the one that did that to them. Also, his wife had no clue her husband was all about white collar crimes?

Ok, I will return to this topic at a later time when I have time, for now, let's all think critically.


  1. I refuse to watch a video that I'm certain is sappy, gullibility-attracting and ignorant of the issues at hand.

    Just a personal thang. (I'll take your word as to its contents.)

    And critical thinking is soooooo Pesach 5770....

  2. I always wonder about the wives in these financial fraud cases. Do they really not know? I guess it is possible...some wives are totally uninvolved in the family's finances. But when the guy has some simple job and can't possibly earn all those millions...what is the wife thinking?