Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Macroeconomics meets

I've been insanely busy this semester and I haven't had a chance to blog about anything I'm learning directly in class or side conversations from class. Now, Passover has passed over (har-har) and I have a minute to breathe (breathe-now back to the grindstone....) Actually, I was commenting on my friend's FB status and I went off on a tangent that crossed over to a side conversation from my Macroeconomics today.

The original status was: Just saw a woman customer use her foodstamp card to purchase an iced coffee at 7/11! That's not ok. 3 hours ago

My response.....
I didn't read all the comments but, how do you know she was paying with FS? You're not allowed to buy prepared foods with it. 7-11 likely has a system that would make that impossible. However, sometimes the clerks work around stuff by punching it up as a grocery item. Usually a guy behind the counter will do stuff like that for a cute girl.

Also, one can use the same card and be spending cash off it. I bet you didnt' know that.

I also want to mention, what if your parents changed the locks on you and you didn't have the Jewish community. What the hell would you do? What if you didn't do anything wrong? Not everyone can live at home after they are 21. The world is a harsh one and the gov't officials each steal more than any one person on benefits gets. They take all kinds of bribes to quietly pass all kinds of legislation that hurt the citizens. Many of these legislations take jobs away from workers with no or little skills. That drives up the competition for the remaining jobs, thereby lowering the wages relatively, as inflation sets in and wages fail to keep up.

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