Sunday, April 17, 2011

how crazy is it?

I was thinking over Shabbos how crazy it is that the women who lie and backstab get married and women like me don't. Then the divorced men complain and I'm thinking, well YOU married her, not me. Yeah because they were thinking with their d!ck... the "wrong head" so to speak. I just don't get wtf is so attractive about an ugly woman in make up and skimpy clothes. Don't men realize they're gonna get her home and she's going to look all ugly? She'll put the crap on the next day and mistreat you. I mean, don't guys know that women who wear crap on their face usually lie, cheat and backstab? What's cool about having a woman who pukes up her food, btw?

I don't get it. Someone explain this stuff to me.

1 comment:

  1. "is that the women who lie and backstab get married and women like me don't." Um, I don't get your point. You make it sound like YOU want to go out with these guys. Yet, they're so stupid and shallow that they marry these girls. Is that the kind of guy you want? Sure sounds like it from what you wrote.

    Oh, and how are guys supposed to know that wearing make up is a sign that she's a liar, cheater and backstabber? Which I happen to completely disagree with based on my experiences, but whatever. I mean, don't all girls wear make up for every date they go on? So, even if guys did know that, how are they suppoed to figure it out based on dating them....? Hmmmm, I think thou needs to explain thyself further.