Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisecrack gets the class laughing but pisses off professor

So, in  my Jewish class, today (well, Tuesday when I'm writing this) the professor was talking about how various men were doctors in the timeframe we were covering. We are in Spain when the Jews lived there under Muslim rule. For example, Hasdai ibn Shaprut (c. 915 to 9170 CE) was a doctor. Judah Halevi was also a doctor from that time. Also, Maimonides was a doctor and lived some time around this time, I think we get to him in the near future because he fled to Fez and Israel (then Palestine, I believe) which I believe would have happened around 1492, when Spain kicked out each and every Jew. Just like Judah Halevi, I can write poetry.

So, I made the wisecrack that all these Jewish men were doctors. I said, "someone should tell that to the bums in Lakewood!" Most of the class laughed... well the Jews, did, even the crotchy older lady from the study session. I think her husband learns and wants her to support him so, I guess she would laugh. The professor said he didn't think it was funny and he thought it was innappropriate. Ok, so maybe it was a little off topic, but it's not like he doesn't go off topic. I guess I note, only make a funny in class to my immediate neighbor via typing in my notes, no cracking up that whole class. :-(


  1. And yet, being a doctor didn't interfere with anyone's learning. Show me one guy in BMG who has written even half of what the Rambam has written.

  2. check the latest post, it's on the lines of what you said:

  3. chaim1 says
    Not sure what they are supposed to teach you in that class. But the rambam wasnt alive in 1400. About your other tsnius post. You ought to make up your mind. MO doesnt believe in that, orthodox does. Why do you think they are called MO. They are modern and go with the times. Anyway the tsnius rules are not laid out in 'stone' anywhere. Apart from being 'covered' up, what you wear as long as its not mens clothes doesnt really matter.

  4. You're right. We hadn't gotten to him yet. He came up in yesterday's class. He was from 1135 to 1205. I knew his family fled so I thought they were around in 1492 when Spain kicked out every Jew and Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Instead, it seems the family fled under persecutions of the Almohades as the pact of Umar was enforced more strongly.

  5. which was happening before the official edict of 1492. Obviously... because that was after his time.

  6. It WAS a pretty childish wisecrack. You make it sound like the majority of scholarly Jews back then were Doctors. You named 3..count 'em..THREE great leaders.

    The "bums" in Lakewood, most of them, are learning Torah as best as they can, which the Gemara teaches perpetuates the existence of the Universe. Thank G-d we have such bums. Long may they bum.