Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. Phone date, back to the beginning....

I just noticed the first Email where things started to turn weird. I should post these in order. This one is pretty tame, but I'm still going to post it with my wisecracks.

Plainly put, shall I move on? I hadn't heard back from you after leaving a message yesterday and was just wondering. After all, ...,, it would seem to me that you would be motivated to connect, focus on this relationship & move it forward, unless of course you were involved with others.
If you are involved with others, please just tell me so and I'll look elsewhere, as I'm looking for a monogamous real-time relationship, and not just a once/week phone call.
The notable thing here is that this guy hadn't even met me in person. He "met" me online and over the phone and he expects me to drop everything as soon as I am talking to him and not be talking to others. Also, he says he wants a "real-time" relationship, but he is the one that didn't want to meet me for real. He sent this Email a week after we started talking and I had talked to him twice, both very long conversations. I don't know, someone tell me, but I find it hard to feel connected to someone I've never even met at all. It's not like we met in person before this happened.
Am I wrong? Is it normal to be in a relationship with a mythlogical male?


  1. Are you wrong? No, not really. It is NOT normal to have a "relationship" with a voice on the phone. But maybe he was old, ugly, or otherwise nasty. Maybe Hashem saw fit to let you dodge a bullet.

  2. Oh dear, did I take the last normal one in the universe?