Monday, April 4, 2011

To wish upon a skin... part one

Guest post by anonymous
I've been pretty upset over the double standard of tzniut lately. Actually there's two double standards. One is the rule enforcement is different for FFB and non-FFB, especially for converts. FFBs are not criticized and are rewarded with attention from nice guys. Second, in my experience, following halacha repels normal men and attracts disgusting old men which people pressure me to date. I did work with a frum make-up artist and stylist to help select nice shabbat and date outfits that are both suitable and I like. I do get compliments on my appearance so it's not the outfits but lack of skin showing.

In shul and at shuirim (especially at the ones known for a big singles crowd), I see the girls that are around my age that are getting attention and lots of dates and shabbat meals, they 'fudge' with shorter skirts, lower necklines, and tight clothes. Things too suggestive that I would have never worn before conversion. Following halacha on modesty only attract creeps that see me showing up alone at events. It makes me feel weird standing out and not in a good way. Being ignored or worse harrassed by nasty old men makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed. Meanwhile te girls that bend the rules get treated way better. be continued

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  1. I don't get it. You're saying that hot chanies don't attract creepy old dudes also?