Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frum Women & Sex Drives.... con't...

This particular blog post is really explicit and graphic, don't read it, if you think that's going to be a problem.

I hope you all can excuse me. I had an exam to study for for today so I had to put off blogging this hot topic. The blog from last night was some of the material I was studying for the test (of course it wasn't on the test...)

So, to catch everyone up to speed: there are at least three other blogs that were discussing this on Monday when I originally wanted to blog the topic. However, I was just too doggone tired.

Now, I may be violating some code of the secret women's club or something but, this is just bogus. Women are HORNNNNNNNNNNY. As one of my commenters pointed out, women have a Torah-guaranteed requirement for onah from their husbands. Biologically speaking, some women can have multiple orgasms, one on top of the other. Men cannot do this. In the best scenario, a man may be able to go again in about an hour. For some men, the whole process from start to finish is so quick, a woman could have multiples for that whole time.

I used to have a boss that I was so horny working for him I had to quit-he was married. Women get horny like crazy for their bosses, co-workers, classmates and teachers. Unlike men, nothing physically shows so, if a woman has a good poker face, no one will ever know.

My comment from the Emes V Emunah site where I saw this:
You know, part of the reason why men look at all the porn and all the porn is directed at men instead of women is the perceived idea that this is what is wanted. Women feel more embarassed to buy the stuff.

Women DEFINITELY look at men and fantasize way more than anyone realizes. Since, no one expects this... it goes under the radar.

Another thing, when men think they are winning a conquest, really, the girl wanted it. Girls play coy even to their female friends. It's not acceptable for women to have libido.

Back to new thoughts: women say they are lonely when they are really horny. Men say they are horny when they are lonely. Again, I think this has more to do with the fact that the message to women from society is, "you don't have a sex drive, so if you do something is wrong with you" and the message for the men is, "you have a sex drive that you can't control, so don't fight it, just go for it."

I suspect, though, that the men know women really do have a sex drive. I have had many comments made to me about how I must miss "it" from supposedly religious men. It is important to note, I am speaking about hard core Yeshivish or Chasidic like Satmars. I'm talking about men who hold by all the chumros-no TV... broccoli checked by microscope over a light box...

Another point, that many male commenters made on the Emes VEmunah was that there are no ads with sexy men for women because women don't have a sex drive. Well, this picture below is the front of today's AM New York with a COVER ad for A/X. Holy cow, does this ad effect me. Ooops, I'm supposed to pretend it doesn't.

Now you decide...


  1. You have conceptualized the issue in a great way and have explained the issue very well. I never thought that I would see this kind of post by a woman. Perhaps people are finally using their brains and awakening to the fact that perhaps both human beings have pig like characteristics when it comes to their sexuality and that neither are the golden or innocent child.

  2. " I never thought that I would see this kind of post by a woman."

    That is EXACTLY why I did it.

  3. haha! ur awesome...and his face dosent appeal to me soo much...but his body is hotttttttttttt.

  4. haha! its awesome and very true. btw his face dosent appeal to me but his body is woot woot! hot. and so is the girl.

  5. Good post.

    Those of us who have been sexually active before becoming frum particularly face this challenge. This applies both to men and women.

  6. Why the heck did you have to ruin it for me?
    I kind a liked the bliss of thinking women "went to the mikva mainly for their husbands".

    Sure, marital relations can theoretically be enjoyed by women, but to the above extent? Gross.

    The innocence was much more attractive.