Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interesting article...

Ok, as an Orthodox woman, I'm in no hurry to run out and buy myself a tallis and tefillin or try to layin the Torah. However, I don't agree that Charedim in Israel should insist that women don't have these rights. The points that I've heard against all women from the Chareidim are ridiculously sexist and male chauvinistic. In general, you hear these men name call women stupid for anything, even for doing nothing. So, it doesn't surprise me that they call women stupid for wanting to wrap in a tallis.

Incidentally, so Rashi's daughter's were stupid? Does that mean Rashi was stupid?


  1. Thank you for sharing this article. Very interesting.

  2. Women don't lift the Torah or lay Tefillin because they don't need the spiritual elevation. Since they were created last they are closer to G-d than men. Men on the other hand need constant training and elevation to have closeness with G-d. If you are hearing things to the contrary ignore them these comments are from Jews that don't know.

  3. Wow, what's your deal with Chareidim? However "male chauvinistic" you claim Chareidim are, you seem equally (if not more, since I see it from you and not from the Chareidim you give the label to) unjustly biased against Chareidim. I am completely Chareidi, and I do happen to think that a woman wanting to do such things at the kosel is ill-advised, but does that make me Chauvinistic?

    As for the rest...
    First of all, I wouldn't call R' Shmuel Rabinovitch "Chareidi" by any stretch of the imagination. He comes from a dati leumi background, and his father was a great friend of Rav Shlomo Goren and Yossi Beilin. Like all other rabbis in a "Chief Rabbi" position in Israel, he wears the garb that has become the uniform for (Ashkenazi) Chief Rabbis in Israel, not necessarily because he identifies himself as so Chareidi.
    Also, Chareidim aren't the only people who object to such things. Not too long ago there was a woman in the army who was from a Conservative Jewish family in America. She wanted to say kaddish for her father (I think her father) either in an all-woman's minyan, or in a regular minyan while a man was also saying kaddish. She wanted to do this in the shul at her army base, and the totally non-Chareidi completely dati leumi rabbinate of Tzahal said that she would absolutely not be allowed to do so, even though it isn't uncommon to have this happen in America.

  4. Of course, because Israel is controled by the Othodox and the ruling, no doubt came from them. I'm not saying I agree with doing it. However, I think other Jews should have certain rights.

  5. Did Rashi's daughters wear tefilin in public?

  6. Does anyone have a source stating that Rashi's daughters wore tefillin?

    I think it's a myth