Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brooklyn Vs. Queens or Queens Vs. Brooklyn

Let’s start with Kosher food:
Brooklyn has more selection. However, my friend and I went all down J and Coney Island looking for kosher places that would deliver when her husband would later get home from work at 9pm. I think Mendy’s was the only place that fit the bill. Most places weren’t even going to be open then. Queens has places open late, even late night delivery. In fact, I don’t even live in Kew Gardens Hills where the take out is. Yet, I can get a pizza delivered at midnight. Also, Subway: the one in Brooklyn doesn’t have fake (parve) cheese. The one in Queens does and they deliver, too.

Queens wins with food.

Now, the people…

I need some input from you, my readers… how ARE the people in Brooklyn? In Queens, it depends on the area. Now, if you are talking about Kew Gardens Hills, people are REALLY great. However, if you are talking about Forest Hills… well… I’ve been to Brooklyn for Shabbos the people seem nice enough to me. However, KGH has a hospitality committee for meals. That makes it easy to meet new people.

The people: undecided

Brooklyn College Vs. Queens College
I have run into a bunch of people in KGH who went to Brooklyn College because they had a better program for what they wanted to do. If you’re just going into speech therapy, sure Queens is right there. However, I specifically wanted marketing. There are some CUNYs that offer just marketing but, those schools didn’t work for me, for a different reason each. So, I chose Brooklyn College’s Business with a concentration in Marketing.

For me, Brooklyn won this one.

Now, I turn to you, my readers, what other aspects of the two boros should I compare and contrast?

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