Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shabbos hospitality for men only... RETHINK!!!

I have noticed that men get Shabbos hospitality so easily. Furthermore, when people do have me over, it seems it's only to make me feel like crap for it. I've gotten comments about how I should learn to cook. I know how to cook, but previously, I didn't want to sit alone for 24 hours straight. After all the nastiness I've encountered under the false pretenses of "friend" and "help," I've decided I'm only going away for an occasional Shabbos and only to a small selection of people. I've also gotten comments about how I should just get take-out or "when you move to Brooklyn, you can get take out for Shabbos." I can get take out now. So wtf kind of comment is that, anyhow?

How could people think they are being "helpful" when they sit there and ask me question upon question about what I do to try to get married? Excuse me, who the hell says I want to get married and even if I do, where do you get off making this your problem all Shabbos?

So, ok, this was way back on the second to the last Shabbos in October. Why is Michal mad about it again? I'll tell you why. Because I just went into my YouTube to play some background music and I see there's a new Frum Satire video and then I clicked on a couple related links. Well, I get to the one where he was at someone's house and they tell him the food was frozen for six months. Anyhow, isn't that always how it is? The men get to go to this one and that one's house and they are made to feel WELCOMED. I know of two other single guys, ok one just got married, mazel tov, who go all over the place to this one and that one and when I mention that I have trouble, they don't understand.

All these people who state that the Orthodox Jewry is not sexist, I don't know how they can say this. According to the Torah, men are supposed to look for the woman that has their rib. That's right, the rib was taken from the man. The woman was formed with HIS rib and he has to go looking for whichever she out there that has his rib.

Cranky. I'm very cranky this morning.


  1. Calm yourself. you've been to my house and we've never treated you that way. yeah, maybe our limited other guests did, but because of them you are rejecting it all?

  2. I can't really say. I don't know who you are. Although, I don't see myself asking anyone for Shabbos hospitality anymore....

  3. well, then that means you are concentrating on all the awful shabbos experiences instead of the basically decent ones. you've been to our house a number of times and i don't think we've treated you with anything but respect. we don't ask you ANYTHING, we just welcome you.

  4. From my experience in Kew Gardens Hills, the Schoenfelds were excellent hosts and are very welcoming and warm-hearted. I'd give the Cohens the same credit.