Monday, November 23, 2009

Women have no sex drive: who believes that?

I'm reading the (Emes Ve Emunah) blog and they are discussing how women have to cover up and men are visual but women aren't...

Oh, that's what they all think...

I will discuss this more when I have more time. I have a test for which to study.


  1. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Indeed. That's why I never have to avert my eyes from all the hot young bucks jogging around town in shorts or biking in skin-tight Spiderman suits.

    My husband says "Thank G-d women have a sex drive". אשה כשרה עושה רצון בעלה is not always a chauvinistic statement, and I'm NOT going to translate that for you non=Hebrew speakers out there.

  2. “Women have no sex drive: who believes that?”- No, seriously, some don’t. I’ve seen it! I mean G-d, I’ve known men with no sex drive. fact for a while (mostly late teens) I myself was able to repress sexuality to the point where sexual matters nauseated me.

    “I’m reading the (emes ve emunah)”- It’s actually going down at Chana’s blog (curiousjew.blogspot) as well.

  3. Agreed. I think it is quite ignorant for men (and others, who aren't men) to act as though they are the only ones who have a sex drive or can be visually attracted to the opposite gender.

  4. If men convince themselves that women don't have sex drives then they don't have to apply strict levels of modesty to men like are applied to women.

    Incidentally, it seems clear that the Rabbis of the Gemarrah very much thought that women had sex drives: Pleasing his wife is one of the listed duties of a husband. That wouldn't make much sense if they didn't have any drive.

  5. Ok. Professional mathematician hat on. Godel's theorems don't show that the mind isn't a machine in any meaningful sense. It shows that the human mind isn't some strict model of arithmetic, but that's sort of obvious. (Godel's own opinions about what philosophical results his theorems implied were quite complicated and actually changed over time.)

    Non-mathematician pontificating: There's a serious definitional issue in terms of what one means by a "machine" and "more than" in this context. There might be definitional issues of what one means by "mind" but that one gets so hopelessly mired one should probably avoid it.

  6. Josh,
    Great point on the sex drive or not post.

    The other comment, I'm sure was supposed to go on my other post. Anyhow... "Godel's model shows that the human mind isn't a strict model of arithmetic." I must use that on my exam tomorrow. Daven that I should remember every thing I've studied so that I get a perfect score plus some bonus points.

  7. This is why I want someone to explain to me why the Hamodia never puts women in it? Supposedly women are not put in because men are so visual and so turned on, but can't the same be said for women and that men shouldn't be pictured either?

  8. Josh,
    Maybe men don't have strict levels of tznius in some communities, but I'd have to say that isn't true across the board. For instance, in the community that the poster in the original blog was talking about feeling hyper-sexual within, which I live in, happens to have high standards of tznius for men. Whether people follow them is another story.

  9. Er, oops. Competency posting fail. Good luck with the exam.

  10. Rebecca: Usually those matters aren't enforced upon women in the ultra-orthodox/Hassidic community for the obviously problematic reason that if women sin it doesn't really count since their spiritual realm isn't very important. For the same reason women's prayers aren't enforced, and in Hassidic communities they even allow most women to eat whatever they please on the fast days...