Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shout out to the Vegetarians!

I just want to say thank you to the vegetarians, who make keeping kosher so much easier for someone like me who used to live on ham and cheese sandwiches. The vegetarians help create a market for many of the "fake" products that make kosher easier. I just had two "fake chicken" and "fake cheese" sandwiches on Thomas English Muffins. The other night, I was eating some fake ham and cheese sandwiches. Ok, it was Empire Turkey and fake cheese. However, I noticed how the oven roasted turkey lunch meat tastes just like ham.

Ok, lame post....


  1. Frum from births don't know what they're missing, huh? I guess it just makes it a greater mitzvah to steer clear of something you once enjoyed so much to be in service of Hashem.

  2. There are also the list that the gemara in Chullin 109B describes some natural kosher alternatives to non-kosher food/taste/flavor. In particular, the Shibbuta fish, which has brains that tatste like pork. There is an old news blurb from the Jerusalem Post (no longer available on their site, but was reposted on FailedMessiah here: that talks about the modern rediscovery of this fish species.