Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why did I put up that edgy post?

Ok, so, it's Thanksgiving weekend or people heeded my warning and they didn't read the post but, my post has yet to accrue the comments I expected. I see no people wondering how I could post such a thing. Yet, eventually, perhaps those questions will come, so I thought I would answer that question ahead of time.

It's simple. I'm tired of men telling me what kind of sex drive I, as a woman, have or don't have. The women who agree with the men, well, I feel that they are posers who tend to repeat whatever is told to them by dear sweet men.

Kinda like women and prayer/shul attendance. I don't believe the crap that they tell us about mitzvos and men have more mitzvos because women are better. Quite frankly, as one who has gone to shul during the week, it's a boys club and some of the shuls out there they have a drink and some cookies after davening. They don't want women there.

Here's the way I look at it: I don't have to do anything but keep kosher and Shabbos. When I was in the process and I was told about how I'm taking on ALLLLLLLLLLL these mitzvos, I realized this was a crock. Women are exempt from almost everything. I like to call it "women don't!" because whatever it is, we don't do it.

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