Saturday, November 14, 2009

More highlights from RATEMYPROFESSOR

For the most difficult class in the department, one student said, "This professor is not for college. I red the book and his notes. Did all the homeworks from the books and still had to take a W, beacouse midterm wasn't reasbnable what-so-ever. Out may be 40 people, after the midterm 15 staid and the rest just left. I think this professor is a waste of time and money. Do not take him."

Well, gee, being that the student's English is at the highest level, their opinion must be worthwhile.

I'll let you all know when I find more....


  1. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Students today kvetch too much, and about the wrong things. I've been a college student in the US ('79-'83) and Israel ('83-'84, '85-'86, '88-'91), and I have seen the highs and the lows and the bearable mediocre mass in-between. In spite of how much you're paying for this, it ain't necessarily all for your pleasure, kiddies.

    Michal, having served in a goal-directed, as opposed to individual directed, institution like the US military, understands this and is mature enough to take the good with the bad, at least for a semester. By the way, I suspect that one of the reasons my Israeli colleagues were more willing to tolerate bad and medioccre professors was because, having slogged through several years in the IDF, they had sufferred through worse with even less recourse to criticism. On the minus side, the Israeli students tend to be rather passive and cynical about the products they are getting as education consumers, so things tend to improve very slowly, if at all.

    And now I'm going BACK to school again, heaven help me, for 3 years. They have something I want very much, and I've ponied up a massive chunk of the money for the punishment/enlightenment.

    G-d, please give me the courage to change those things in university that I can change, to accept those things I cannot change, and the wisdom to see the difference. And may I bite a hole in my tongue if I start bitching habitually.

  2. Not just that but if you look at this person's comment from ratemyprofessor, you realize they shouldn't have graduated grammar school, let alone Jr. High or high school. In NYC public schools, the principals make the teachers pass everyone and the result is that college admissions don't let a good student like me into the good CUNY (I was told I needed above a 3.5 to get into Baruch, the good college) so, despite Brooklyn College's good reputation, they seem to have low standards as to whom they will admit.

  3. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Maybe he/she is just a louusy typpost?

    Or maybe he's just a moron...

  4. You really think they are a lousy typpost?

    your sew phunny. Yo, I taipe reel grate, kant yu si? an I spel turifik. I don no wy thise teechers aint given mi bedder graydes. I want sum gud graydes. I wint to da clas an din slip. I red alon wit da ticher.

    Ok, maybe I'm having some fun....

  5. My vote is moron, in case you didn't catch that in my last comment!

  6. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Yeah, "moron" is always a good guess. My other favorite is "It tells you something about his mother".

    Seriously, though, I think military service (which I did not do) is an advantage in surviving the idiocies of both higher education and the workforce.

  7. Yes, I was in the US Army... However, it's more the school district environment I was in. The teachers hounded maturity into us. They were always saying, "you have to get good grades or you won't get into a good college and if you don't get into a good college, you won't get a good job." Also, there was the idea, being in a blue-collar city like Buffalo that it's an honor to work for and earn what you have in life. I hear people in Brooklyn talking about whether or not they cheat. It's sad. There is no question in my mind that I would never cheat on a test-never.

  8. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Cheat? My gosh. we must have had the same teachers. I went to a Quaker college, and we had unproctored exams, on principle. At the end of each exam, we had to write "I have not been dishonest nor have I observed any dishonesty, Signed, ----" Sheesh, I'd have rather gnawed off my arm.

    Nowadays these things cannot be taken for granted,